Tennis coaching in the heart of Chelmsford

At Chelmsford Tennis Academy, located in the scenic Oaklands Park, we are thrilled to offer a wide array of tennis sessions tailored to accommodate all ages, skill levels, and interests.

Our programs are thoughtfully designed to ensure that everyone from novices to seasoned players finds engaging opportunities that nurture their love for tennis.

The brand new tennis courts create a great environment and we look forward to welcoming you!

Our offerings:

Adult and junior group coaching

Participate in our comprehensive coaching sessions, suitable for both adults and juniors. These sessions aim to enhance skills, impart knowledge of the game, and encourage fun in a group setting.

Ladies mornings

Dedicated sessions for women offer a fantastic way to engage in tennis in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. It’s an excellent chance to connect with fellow tennis enthusiasts and improve your game.

Cardio tennis

This high-energy fitness activity combines tennis’s dynamic aspects with cardiovascular exercise, providing a comprehensive, calorie-burning aerobic workout.

Disability tennis sessions

We are committed to inclusivity with sessions designed for players with disabilities. Our adaptive programs cater to various needs, ensuring accessible and enjoyable tennis for everyone.

Free social tennis

Our community enjoys free social tennis sessions, emphasizing the game’s social and enjoyable facets. Open to all members, these sessions are a perfect way to play tennis and make new friends.

Schools and Business Sessions

Tailored sessions for schools and businesses aim to introduce tennis as a means to encourage teamwork, physical health, and enjoyment beyond the usual work or school setting.

Family-Inclusive Sessions

Emphasizing family fun and engagement, these sessions are designed for families to enjoy tennis together. Whether learning the basics or playing for fun, our family-inclusive sessions provide a welcoming environment for all family members to participate and enjoy the game together.

Building a friendly community

Our academy is dedicated to cultivating a friendly, inclusive community of tennis lovers. No matter your level, we aim to create a supportive environment where passion for tennis thrives.

Chelmsford Tennis Academy at Oaklands Park is more than just a venue for tennis; it’s a vibrant community where individuals can grow, learn, and share their enthusiasm for the sport. Join us to experience top-notch tennis coaching, social play, and fitness activities, all designed with you in mind to help you achieve your best on and off the court.

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